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THE WORLD´S #1 SOURCE FOR Night Sights | Tritium Night Sights | Glock Gun Sights | Brightest Handgun Sight

THE WORLD´S #1 SOURCE FOR Night Sights | Tritium Night Sights | Glock Gun Sights | Brightest Handgun Sight


Having Trouble Selecting the Perfect Color?

Front Sight Focus! If you ever take a defensive pistol glass you’ll hear that phrase over and over. Front sight focus is an easy concept to understand. Is it easy in practice? It can be, with the right sights. Your front sight should be easy to see, and easy to focus on. We can help you there. A front sight with high visibility will make front sight focus more than a concept.

Night Fision Installation Videos

WARNING: Have a professional, licensed gunsmith install the sights. Always use your punch directly on the dovetail, not on the blade (top ortion of the sight).

Are You A Concealed Carry Newbie?

5 Concealed Carry Essentials

As a concealed carry instructor, I see a lot of newbies coming in to the concealed carry world. I   often see is the same mistakes made repeatedly. A lot of them have to deal with how to carry comfortably. Since I’m seeing these basic mistakes made over and over I figured I could offer our fine readers some basic concealed carry essentials. (more…)

4 Open Carry Must Do’s

Carrying a weapon, concealed or open, means no matter what…you are bringing a gun to a fight. I see a lot of people in my area that open carry, and it’s more or less commonplace enough that we are lucky to have very little issues resulting in confrontation. (more…)

The Wrong Sights

How the wrong sights made all the difference in the world…

9:37 P.M.

The kids are all in bed, and the house is finally quiet. You have a little bit of time now to catch an episode of Bloodline. Okay, probably two episodes; nobody can ever stop at one. (more…)

3 Focus Areas for Concealed Carry

A lot of people carry concealed every day and simply do not understand the responsibility that comes with carrying a weapon. They understand the fundamentals behind it, I mean they know they have a weapon and most know and respect the rules and regulations associated with carrying. However are you doing it right?

Night Fision Night Sights: Setting a Higher Standard

With so many advances in the technology of pistols, and so many makes and models flooding the market, it is difficult to always keep focused on the basics, the essentials. It is standard fare for sidearms to be equipped with picatinny rails to mount all sorts of accessories, and many factory firearms are now available (more…)

Sun’s Out, Guns Out: Combat Shooting

Combat shooting is a fun, exhilarating, and rewarding experience that allows a shooter to better hone their skills in defensive shooting. Focusing more on delivering calm and accurate fire on a target during high-stress situations, combat shooting builds into allowing the shooter the ability to put rounds on target quickly and effectively. (more…)

Glock Sights

When I first got into Glocks, it took me a little while to get used to the sights. It wasn’t too long however until I grew to like them and could actually start putting decent groups on paper. The stock sights are honestly nothing to write home about, but for a combat pistol, they are more than serviceable.  However, the usability of the sights on a Glock ends as soon as the sun sets. Like any other set of irons not designed for night shooting, they disappear as the sun goes down. (more…)