Let’s Talk About Rears

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Let’s Talk About Rears

Your choice of front and rear sights is important. There are different types designed to address different needs. There are a few things that you cannot compromise on. For example, combat sights should be night sights. Then there are other considerations that are entirely user preference. Today we are going to specifically talk about rear sights, and your rear sight style options.

Sight Style

Standard or Suppressor Height?

We’ll cover this quickly. Sights come in standard height and suppressor height. Suppressor height is somewhat self-explanatory and is designed to allow you to align your sights on a target over a suppressor. Most suppressors block the ability to really use standard height sights. Suppressor height sights are also a must have if you want to run a miniature red dot. They allow you to co-witness your iron sights in case that dot dies. Night Fision’s suppressor height sights are designed to be OEM replacements, as a result, our suppressor height sights are a lower 1/3 co-witness.


The shape of your rear sight has more effect on your gun that you realize. Until you shoot the different shapes side by side you really start to pick up the differences. The two main shapes for gun sights are, U notch and Square notch.

  1. U Notch

U Shaped sights are both old and new. They were common on rifles way back before peep sights, but only relatively recently have they found their way on handguns. They make sense though. The front sight is round, so why not use a round rear sight? Round pegs go in round holes right? It slides in easily and makes shooting faster and more intuitive.

Most customers find the U notch rear is better for rapid target acquisition. This is because the human eye tends to focus on sharp corners/angles, which can distract you from your focus on the front sight. If this takes even a tenth of a second to correct, you may not win the fight.

U shaped rear sights and their smooth cuts are often more desired on concealed carry guns. The rounded corners help keep the gun comfortable when carried tight to the body and help reduce snap potential. This makes daily carry more comfortable, and a makes drawing from concealment easier.

  1. Square Notch

For precision shooting it’s hard to beat the 1909 design of a rear square sight. If you want the utmost precision from iron sights then you need to go with square rear sights. The square shape forces you to exercise proper alignment. It allows you to put that front sight perfectly in the middle of your rear sight and put those rounds in tiny groups on tiny targets.

This makes it sound like square shaped sights are only designed for competition shooting or steel shooting. This isn’t true. Plenty of combat applications call for precise shots. A squared shaped rear sight allows you to take those precise shots when necessary. A square shaped rear sight is perfect for police and military use, and for concealed carriers who value precision over speed.

Personal Preference

Choosing your rear sights is an incredibly important decision. It’s also a personal decision, and one you’ll have to make for yourself. When you decide what sights you want and need, Night Fision will be here to provide you with a high quality, American made, option.


-Tommy Tips

Having Trouble Selecting the Perfect Color?

Front Sight Focus! If you ever take a defensive pistol glass you’ll hear that phrase over and over. Front sight focus is an easy concept to understand. Is it easy in practice? It can be, with the right sights. Your front sight should be easy to see, and easy to focus on. We can help you there. A front sight with high visibility will make front sight focus more than a concept.

Choosing a Color

Handgun sights are an extremely personal choice since every person sees the world in a different way.

 In general, most human eyes pick up one color faster than any other, and that color is green. Therein lies both a solution and a problem. Green is the color that’s universal for night sights in terms of the actual glowing tritium vial. That’s great in when it comes to low light shooting and honestly it’s perfect. Now what happens when the sun rises or the light switch is flipped, or maybe you turn your weapon light on. Night sights can’t save you here. As concealed carriers we need to be ready 24/7.

You can’t quite see the glowing front and rear sight when the lights come on. If you’ve gone with some less than stellar night sights you don’t really have options.  If you’ve bought a high quality set of iron sights then you have a daylight option too. For example, Night Fision sights use a fluorescent additive in our ballistic polymer ring around the tritium. This gives you an easy to see and fast to pick up daylight option for combat and sport shooting.

Night Fision utilizes three different front sight colors for daylight shooting: White, Yellow, and Orange


White is often very easy to see in both bright and low light situations. You can see the sight quite quickly and as a passive color it’s very easy to focus on. The biggest downside to using white front sights comes in situations where fractions of a second are on the line. In situations that are moving fast the white front may get lost in a world of white. White is a common color in our living world. Not so much in nature, but in the world around you, especially in urban environments.


The majority of our customers agree this is the best performing color of the three in most lighting conditions. Yellow is a lot like green, the human eye picks it up very quickly. In fact, the eye picks up on yellow almost as fast as it picks up on green. The only downside to yellow is its somewhat reflective nature. In super bright situations it can strain the eye for extended periods of shooting. Further, a lot of shooters will also experience wash out when mixing yellow with white rear rings. Consequently, combining a yellow front sight with black rings in the rear sight and have become one of Night Fision’s top sellers.


Orange is a high visibility color that is slightly below yellow and green on the eyes ability to pick it up. However, it’s still extremely fast, much better than just a tritium vial. It’s also less reflective and easier to focus on. When utilizing white rear sights this system allows the user to aim with precision or speed due to the contrasting colors. There isn’t the same washout effect with orange sights.

At the End of the Day

Of course there is always user preference. User preference when it comes to firearms is individualistic by nature and doesn’t care what color the eye picks up the fastest. Your genetics and personal experiences will help guide your choice. It is Night Fision’s mission to ensure you have an option that is perfect for you.

-Tommy Tips

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