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Expert Review

Expert Review

I received two sets of Glock front and rear sights one green, one red and the AR-15 front sight. I threw the set of red on a Glock 45 gen 5, and the green on a Glock 26 gen 4. Installation of the sights was just as easy as you would think with a standard rear sight pusher and front sight tool taking less than two minutes per. The AR-15 style sight is compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 front sight posts. This was also very easy to install using a standard front sight tool. Walking the old blacked out one out throwing it in the trash and installing this bright tritium green front sight. This sight was on a basic build that I would use for the heavy Pacific Northwest weather (heavy rain) and jungle environment focused. That being said red dots and variable optics take a beating with all the rain and brush getting moisture in all the areas you don’t want it. Having reliable, accurate, and easy to see at night sights are a must in these conditions. The perfect dot provided easily better visibility in daylight operations as well as night. Turning a gun that would have been otherwise difficult to use for a go to AR. My primary EDC is a Glock 45 gen 5, and back up is a Glock 26 gen 4. I made sure I went to the range after swapping the sights to see how easy it is to acquire these tritium sights. Having tight groups at 25m with little effort on having to shift focal plane from sight to target because of the clarity of these sights. Asking the range officer if I can turn off the lights and keep a background light on the target to test these sights out at night was a must. To my dismay I had a tighter group focusing on a black circle with these sights than when I had the lights on. I believe this was due to the fact I was very confident in my ability to acquire these sights coming from concealment and getting a quick snap shot sight picture. These two pistols will be my primary carries for a long time to come due to the fact I can shoot them just as good during the day and night. I have full confidence in this manufacturer to continue to make great products. My only recommendation would be to make sights similar to the AR-15 for the AK-47 as well. Having been in multiple countries with AK’s as primary weapons, having a set of sights, and an AK front sight tool to switch them would be way more ideal than trying to fit it with a rail and an optic.



Ten years in the United States Army serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and having held several positions including, Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, Weapons Instructor, Designated Marksmanship Instructor, Concealed Carry Instructor, and Night Vision Instructor. Also having five years in the tactical industry ranging from nylon to manufacturing of parts and full weapons systems.

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