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Night Fision Gunsmithing Tool Kit

SKU GSK-001 Category

Night Fision Gunsmithing Tool Kit


UPC:  810116034727

SKU GSK-001 Category

All the tools you need for Night Fision sight installation

Item #1: Gunsmith Hammer
Features an 8 oz. weight with steel/nylon heads and solid metal handle construction
Nylon head for non-marring applications
7’’ L x 2’’ W x 3/4’’ thick

Item #2: Aluminum Drift Punch
Remove/Install Dovetailed Sights
Non-marring applications
Built to withstand maximum impact with a minimum of distortion
Harder-than-nylon but softer-than-steel impact where slight discoloration is acceptable
3’’ Long shaft tapered to (0.394’’ x 0.157’’) face

Item #3: Oil Stone
For use fitting dovetails and other steel gun components
Produces durable, smooth edges, and is preferred for close tolerances
Black Silicon Carbide Stone with 320 grit
Apply oil on the surface occasionally during use
3.9’’L 1.0’’W x 1/2’’H

Item #4: Glock Front Sight Tool
Fits All Glock Front Sight Screws
3/16″ Hex Nut Driver
Large Diameter Faceted Handle for Positive Grip
Length: 3’’

Item #5 Hex Screws for Night Fision Sights
3/16″ Hex Screws (2 pcs) with Pre-applied Thread Lock
Thread: #3-56
Overall Length: 0.105’’

5 reviews for Night Fision Gunsmithing Tool Kit

  1. Clark Craft

    Hammer and punch for tritium sights? All other brands I have encountered expressly state not to install in this manner as it may damage the glass vial in the sight. I just installed your sights on a customers gun (using a sight pusher). I was impressed with your sights so I came to your website and found this tool kit. Very surprised. Are your sights made differently than other tritium sights on the market?

  2. NF Admin

    Yes sir and thank you for your comment. We deliberately oversize our dovetails to fit the OEM pistol slide manufacturing tolerances. As a result, customers may have to remove some material. If a pusher must be used, make sure to test fit the sights to about 50% with finger pressure prior to installation. Always remember to press on the dovetail, NOT the blade. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Michael Grenon

    The “glass” vial is also reinforced with an outer steel tube. If I remember correctly. I have honestly placed a slide in a towel over concrete, used a steel punch and regular carpenter’s hammer and beat the living hell out of the first pair I ever installed…this was the front sight as well. I eventually got the sight it and bent A 3/8 steel punch in the process. That has was over 18 months ago…the vial is still 100% intact and bright. Try that with nearly any other tritium sight and it’s game over.

  4. Paul

    Super handy kit. Just want you need for your work bench

  5. Tom Moore

    Hi, in reading comments about your sight installation kit (which seems to be quite a good value for $20), your 2/25/19 answer to Clark Craft caught my eye. You state ” Always remember to press on the dovetail, NOT the blade.” I don’t understand how pressing on the dovetail would press the sight INTO the dovetail. Can you explain?

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