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Non-Glock Style Sight Install

For firearms other than a Glock style front sight and rear sight, please download this Installation Guide.

Glock Style Sight Install

For firearms with a Glock style front and rear sight, please download this Installation Guide. 

Installation Tips

Night Fision uses 30% more Tritium in an effort to give you the brightest, longest lasting glow on the market. That comes with a larger sight vial. We do not recommend using a sight pusher on our Standard Height Sights for that reason, and instead ask you use a non-marring punch. 

If your sight has a set screw, we recommend 5-7 ftlb, or hand tight. Do not overtighten, as it may strip the threads on the set screws.

All set screws come with blue Loctite pre-applied, we caution against using red Loctite or Vibratite as it may make removal extremely difficult, and the potential to strip your set screws should you need to remove the sight. 

Use only the front sight screw that comes with your Night Fision Night Front Sights, as some OEM front sight screws may not be compatible.

If you are unsure how to remove material with the stone on non-set screw sight bodies, please take your sights to a gunsmith or experienced armorer for installation.