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Night Fision Night Sights: Setting a Higher Standard

Night Fision Night Sights: Setting a Higher Standard

With so many advances in the technology of pistols, and so many makes and models flooding the market, it is difficult to always keep focused on the basics, the essentials. It is standard fare for sidearms to be equipped with picatinny rails to mount all sorts of accessories, and many factory firearms are now available

with slide mounting bases for red dot optics. Laser sighting systems come in a variety of systems now, many of which are bundled into a package with an LED weapon light, or molded into an overmold grip system. With so many choices available, it appears that the age of standard three-dot pistol sights is coming to a close. Or is it?

There is no argument that modern lasers are fantastic supplemental sighting systems on modern sidearms. LED weapon lights which mount on universal rails are outstanding and are highly recommended for all shooters, and red dots are certainly fun, offering rapid target acquisition, and are a great option for some shooters. The primary purpose of the sidearm is getting lost in translation; sidearms have been a staple of military leaders and law men for centuries because of the portability. However, they were never intended to replace a carbine or rifle. Pistols are excellent in their intended purpose of portable defense and do it very well. To do their job well, a key ingredient in the equation is lightweight and compact dimensions. Each accessory added to the base pistol adds heft and reduces portability, essentially mitigating the usefulness of the pistol. Pistols are not intended to be used at any appreciable distance at all; the bulk of defensive shootings take place within an arm’s reach of the aggressor. Precision shot placement is not expected, but simplicity and reliability are paramount.

Fixed pistol sights remain the best option for defensive pistols because they are absolutely reliable, extremely durable, and modern advances in self-illumination, such as tritium, allow the night sights to remain the undisputed king of pistol sighting systems. Night Fision has taken their expertise in manufacturing and use of tritium and now offer a line of night sights for the wildly popular Glock pistols, Smith & Wesson M&P series of pistols, and relative newcomer Canik. While there are competitors in the market, Night Fision offers pistol owners tremendous variety in their products to suit just about any owner.

Night Fision is not a household name yet, but handgun owners have unknowingly had their products in their homes and nightstands for several years. Night Fision has inserted tritium vials into other manufacturers’ night sights for over three years, but their knowledgebase and experience in tritium stretches much further back. Sister company Cammenga has manufactured the U.S. Army’s Tritium Lensatic Compass for over a quarter of a century. The lensatic has proven to be the durable land navigation solution from the scorching deserts of Iraq to the high mountain passes of Afghanistan, and this same technology serving the rugged professional is available for your Glock, Smith & Wesson, or Canik pistols and other OEMs to come.

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