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Recent Range Events

Recent Range Events

Night Fision has had a busy couple of months getting out to range events across the country. If we saw you and chatted with you, feel free to comment and say hi! If you got an opportunity to see new product, or snag some cool swag or Glow Rhino EDC tools, let us know how you’ve been using them!

Ohio Range Day 2022

In August, Night Fision joined a host of incredible industry peers supporting Achilles Heel Tactic’s Ohio Range Day. Two days of training, competitions, helo rides, belt fed demos, and camping. Big thanks to their media team for capturing these great photos!

Swampfox Optics’ Rocky Mountain Range Day

Swampfox Optics kicked off their first annual Rocky Mountain Range day in September of this year. A closed event, this was a perfect opportunity for those of us who are generally stuck in one place for the length of an event to explore ourselves! The team at Swampfox crushed it, and we sincerely look forward to next year! This event was special for us at Night Fision, as it was our Social Media Specialist’s first Firearms Industry Event.

Alexis joined us this year and on top of this being her first event with us—it was her very first firearms industry event entirely! Although no stranger to the car industry trade shows, a range event is definitely it’s own breed. We thought it’d be best to have her relate her experience directly. If you see her at a show or range event, be sure to hit her up for our limited patches!           

SwampFox Optics’ Rocky Mountain Range Day 2022 was the first range-based event I’ve ever attended. I had no idea what to expect going into this, but I was excited to say the least!

Rachel doing some press during Rocky Mountain Range Day

Upon arriving to the venue location and setting up our… very neon booth, I was quickly hit the reality of being seven-thousand feet above sea level. Coming from Florida, I was in for a treat with this type of terrain and environment. After adjusting and getting the day started, attendees headed towards the main area for the safety briefing where we also met the event staff. Huge shoutout to SwampFox and their staff for making sure everyone was taken care of the whole time, you guys rock!

As the morning progressed, we headed back to our booth and the sound of gunfire started. From antique rifles to our right and fully built suppressed AR’s to our left. the day had begun. Smith & Wesson was nice enough to send us one of their new M&P M2.0 Metal’s to display our new sights on. This handgun was a hot commodity to say the least and drew a lot of attention to our booth. Once people got wind, it was a steady stream of attendees wanting to shoot with this new metal frame. Towards the end of the day, Dark Angel Medical displayed their “Stop the Bleed” demo, which was very informative. We learned how to stop a blood with a tourniquet and how to pack a gunshot wound in multiple different places. I believe that this is knowledge everybody should have, it could save a life one day!

The absolute standout was the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Metal Series with the Swampfox Kraken
Getting some trigger time on a Sons of Liberty Gun Works rifle

As the sun started going down, we were able to collaborate with Trigger Interactive for a low-light shooting demonstration. This was so much fun seeing the drills that were being ran, full night vision set-ups, and seeing our sights to their fullest potential on the range in the dark. This by far was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced and really ended the day with a bang.

Overall, Rocky Mountain Range Day 2022 was a day to remember. SwampFox absolutely outdid themselves with the first year of this event, and we cannot wait for next year!”


Rainier Arms annual event moved to the palatial Flint Oak facility in Fall River Kansas this year—a big departure from their west coast location. With a facility as beautiful as Flint Oak, we could see why people made the drive west from Wichita. With three ranges and a vendor area to stroll, TriggrCon used buses to ferry attendees to each location so they missed out on as little as possible. Guns & Tactics stopped by to chat quickly about Night Fision—check out the segment below!

We have a few more events before the year ends, hope to see you on the range!

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