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Climbing to New Heights

Climbing to New Heights

Choices, choices, choices! With the new blade heights being offered, our friends who run taller optics will now have options. So much of what we do with our guns is about personalizing them. No longer does “build” refer to an AR-type firearms exclusively, and now finishing up your perfect pistol can include the perfect co-witness.

We Got Your Number

First let’s talk about how we arrived at the numbers you see in the sights name. The first number is the blade height of the front sight, and the second number is the rear sight blade height. We plan on creating blade heights based off what is happening with optics in the present and the future—so naming them after their specific combination of blade heights allows everyone a way to identify what they’re buying.

Tailoring Your Co-Witness

We have built our sights to offer the coveted lower 1/3 co-witness. Why is it so sought after? Well, if we think of our optics window like our windshield that we look through to focus on the road ahead, and our sights like a mounted GPS and compass, we’d like to ensure we can see as much through our windshield as possible—as it’s what we need to see through almost all of the time. In the rare event we have to use that GPS and compass, we still need to see them in our line of sight. If mounted high, that non-transparent block of GPS and compass will interrupt 50% of our windshield means we simply can’t see as much as we could if it was mounted lower towards the dash. In both positions you can use this back up navigation method, but why lose out on 20-30% of vision in that higher mounted position?

Most shooters prefer the lower co-witness seen here with the 290-313—which was our original blade height in Optics Ready Stealth for Glock 17MOS guns, and some shooters prefer the 330-353 that has the complete round of the Tritium element showing. However, even though we don’t recommend it as it could cover where your dot will end up zeroing, this is what our tallest sights look like when paired with a Holosun 508t mounted with a C&H Precision Weapons plate.

More and more these days, shooters prefer their back up irons to be lower in the window so they can use their primary sighting system as designed with little disruption from iron sights.

What about those who prefer a different, higher height for their back up iron sights? The Absolute co-witness means the dot from your optic and the front sight line up over each other. Because the correct sight picture of an optics means a visual focus at your target, the black bar of the irons occupying about 50% of your optics window generally defeats the advantage you gain with the optic: greater visual feedback from your threat or target. Is it wrong? Nope. Is it preferred? Not any longer. Why? Because of sights like our Optics Ready Stealth Series existing. Suppressor Heights were used because at the time, that’s all there was to reach over the top of slide mounted optics.     

Glock Blade Heights

Here’s a look at a low co-witness with the new blade heights and various optics that have different battery pack heights.

Here’s look at what we have many of our customers prefer for a co-witness, and what each blade height looks like with various optics that have different battery pack heights.

With the addition of the .330-.353 and .469-.494, full size Glock shooters can now explore two new taller blade heights from our first offering that stands at .290-.313. We designed the .330-.353 to be the perfect height for the RMR mounted with an MOS plate. We know many people prefer to use aftermarket plates, and we still believe our .330-.353 is the ideal way to ensure the complete dome of our tritium shows through for our RMR owners. For those who prefer the large window of the Leupold Delta Point Pro, the .469-.494 is for you.

            For the slimline Glock fans, we have two new blade heights. Engineered specifically for the barrel length of the 43x and 48 respectively, the new taller blade height offering pairs perfectly with the RMRcc.

Sig Sauer Blade Heights

The P320 series pistols continue to grow and change through the years, and those P320’s that still carry the traditional dovetail allow their owners to upgrade to Night Fision sights. Other popular “optics ready” or optic installed Legion or the new Zev series guns are also carrying the standard Sig Sauer dovetail. However, until recently, the popular combination of the P320 and Delta Point Pro sent shooters elsewhere to find their perfect sights. No longer do you have to suffer through subpar, milky sights—the .455-.440 is designed for those with a Delta Point Pro or similar size battery pack. This is in addition to our current .345-.332 blade height offering.


H&K saw the interest in optics on pistols, and instead of turning a blind eye, began shipping all of their popular striker model, the VP6, with an optic cut slide and their plating system. We are so excited to start offering Optics Ready Stealth Series sights for the VP9 with two new blade heights: .350-.387 and .480-.517. The .350-.387 is the ideal choice for a Holosun 507c or similar battery pack height optic. The taller .480-.517 works well with the Delta Point Pro and alike style optics with tall battery packs.

‘Merica, but for Sights          

It’s important to know that if you have an optic that isn’t listed here, but has a similar battery pack height, you can choose the blade height you believe will work best—the optics mentioned are just a jumping off point. Similarly, we recommend and have designed our sights in the Optics Ready Stealth Series to offer a lower 1/3 co-witness—but it’s a free country, if you prefer a different style of co-witness, you now have options from the company that builds the brightest night sights on the market.


  1. Will Jackson

    These look great. I’ve already got the optics ready stealth sights for my M&P Shield Plus but I’d love to see these options made available for the M&P 9 M2.0 Optics Ready series.

  2. We are working on those!

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