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Glock Sights

Glock Sights

When I first got into Glocks, it took me a little while to get used to the sights. It wasn’t too long however until I grew to like them and could actually start putting decent groups on paper. The stock sights are honestly nothing to write home about, but for a combat pistol, they are more than serviceable.  However, the usability of the sights on a Glock ends as soon as the sun sets. Like any other set of irons not designed for night shooting, they disappear as the sun goes down.

If you are just going to keep a G17 for a range toy, the stock sights are fine.  But if you plan on actually using your handgun as a defensive weapon, I highly recommend you upgrade your sights. And I recommend upgrading to a set of Tritium night sights. Shooting at night is next to impossible with the white sights that come with your handgun.  It’s a simple swap and investing in a set of night sights for your carry gun, or bedside side arm may possibly save your life.

It’s not hard to imagine you are out at night time, on a dark cloudy night. As you are heading back to your vehicle after doing some shopping or grabbing a bite to eat, you are approached by an individual demanding your wallet.  He pulls out a knife and you pull out your trusty piece of Austrian hardware.  There is just one problem, it’s hard to see your sights.  He lunges towards you and you point your piece at his silhouette. It’s dark and as you pull the trigger the round goes high and left, missing your assailant.  Had you been able to have seen your front sight you could have avoided the miss.

Or another scenario…

You awake to a loud bang, you grab the Glock 19 you keep on your nightstand and rack a round into the chamber.  You sneak down the stairs and are shocked to see the dark shape of an individual cussing at you and move at you quickly.  He gives you a shove and forces you to the ground.  You can’t see the sights of your handgun because you went the cheap route and skipped the night sights. Your initial fusillade goes wild and while you scare him into running out of the house, you struck your pet dog with a stray round.  Be thankful it’s your dog.  You didn’t hit your 11-year-old daughter who came downstairs to see what all the noise was.

Now, of course, having a light is just as important to having sights.  But if you can’t see your pistol’s sights at night time you are asking for trouble, should trouble come knocking. The old saying “hit what you are aiming at”, becomes useless if you can’t even see to line up your handgun on target.  Take my advice, take some time and a little money and invest in a set of Night Fision tritium night sights for your Glock.  They may save your life.

Best Regards,

Prepared Laird

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