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New Canik Sight Offerings

New Canik Sight Offerings

We Heard You, and Canik METE models Have Brand New Options!

Night Fision, a leader in advanced tritium insertion solutions, handgun sights, and rifle accessories, is releasing new sight offerings for the Canik Mete MC9 and SF Series pistols. 

These new sight offerings for Canik will be available in the Standard Height and Optics Ready Stealth Series product lines. The Standard Height sights feature the three most popular front sight colors and are offered as pairs and front sight only for purchase. The Optics Ready Stealth Series are being introduced to the Canik lineup with a single blade height for each model line, with additional blade heights to be released in the future. As is standard with all night sight products at Night Fision, patented dome technology yields a crisp edge in low and no-light conditions, adding yet another layer of confidence to the already high quality standards of Canik pistols.

Examples from the Optics Ready Stealth Series Sights for Canik Pistols

Examples from the Standard Height Sights for Canik Pistols

“We currently field at least 1 request per day to expand our Canik offering. As always, we listened to our fervent customer base and are excited about this launch,” states CJ Karchon, Vice President for Night Fision.” We want to continue to expand on different platforms and provide multiple options for sight picture configuration.

In addition to supporting Canik’s firearms by being an OEM supplier, Night Fision hopes providing Canik customers with various choices to customize their sight picture will continue to make their Canik pistol their first choice to carry.


  1. Hi, just wondering if y’all can do orders for just back rear sights and not the front.

  2. At this time we do not, sorry!

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