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Night Fision Tritium Sights to be Standard on Wheaton Arms Custom Pistols

Night Fision Tritium Sights to be Standard on Wheaton Arms Custom Pistols

Dearborn, Mich. (September 19, 2017) – Night Fision, a leader in advanced tritium insertion solutions, has announced their Perfect DotTM, tritium sights will now be standard on the premium, customized Glock pistols built by Wheaton Arms.

“Wheaton Arms has built an incredible reputation making precision aftermarket barrels, custom carry and competition pistols,” said Jacob Herman, Director of sales and marketing, “Night Fision is very happy to have been chosen as the standard sight provider for custom pistols from Wheaton Arms. Their dedication to precision and reliable pistols aligns with Night Fision’s mission to provide high-performance tritium sights that are second to none in the market.”

Wheaton Arms provides multiple premium, aftermarket parts, customization services and packages for Glock pistols and AR-15 rifles. The company will now use Night Fision’s Perfect DotTM, tritium sights as the standard offering on their custom Glock packages. “When I saw the way Night Fision Perfect DotTM sights shot, I knew this was a product I wanted to offer my customers” said Robbie Wheaton, the company’s President and Master Gunsmith. “As a competitive shooter I know what a great sight picture is and Night Fision Perfect DotsTMcombine an accurate sight picture with an ultra-bright front sight.”

Night Fision sights will be available as standard on all Wheaton Arms Glock packages starting October 1, 2017.

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About Night Fision

Based in Metro Detroit, Night Fision brings a rich background of automotive engineering, lean manufacturing and expertise in tritium illumination to the firearms industry. Its sister company, Cammenga, is the official manufacturer of the U.S. Army’s Tritium Lensatic Compass and provides them to national militaries around the world. As a result, Night Fision utilizes over 25 years of tritium insertion and military-grade manufacturing expertise to provide the best tritium night sights in the market today. The company’s proprietary Perfect DotTM, combined with CNC precision machined bodies and a higher concentration of tritium gas, allows for the creation of the highest quality firearm night sights with enhanced brightness, at a lower price than the leading competitors.

Media Contact: Jacob Herman

Phone: 571-501-8252


About Wheaton Arms

Founded in 2008, Wheaton Arms is a veteran-owned manufacturer and provider of aftermarket premium Glock pistol parts as well as offering complete, customized packages for Glock pistols, like the popular Carolina Carry custom package. Every customized pistol from Wheaton Arms is built to enhance accuracy while never sacrificing reliability.

Media Contact: Robbie Wheaton

Phone: 864-269-1212



  1. Patrick Joiner

    Can you put custom clothes tritium sights on my ruger 57?

  2. Unfortunately we can not install sights for you, or create custom sights for you. If you can locate a talented gunsmith in your area, many can work to solve that issue by customizing sights offered on the market.

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