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NRAAM 2022 Wrap Up

NRAAM 2022 Wrap Up

If you didn’t make it to NRAAM ’22 this year, no worries, we got you! Here is a wrap up of our time at the show!

Setting Up

Set up was easy, we were flanked by Emerson Knives, and Walther across the way—with Glock and Kimber at the end of the aisle. Night Fision at booth number 806 was up and running in no time. 

The 2022 NRAAM Patches

Everyone knows we give away limited patches during NRAAM. This year’s patches were Bluey, Hank Hill, and Rick from Rick and Morty. If you missed out on these, pay special attention to our Instagram page in the next week or so… 

If you walked the show, you’d see Night Fision sights on a few of our friends—Canik, Tisas, Holosun, and Shadow Systems to name a few. 

The 2022 NRAAM Giveaways

There were quite a few giveaway’s going on that we participated in as well—Tisas giving away a Custom PX 9, Faxon Firearms giving away a HUGE prize package with one of their new 8.6 Blk rifles, and of course our incredible giveaway with Shadow Systems and their new MR920L. You still have until the very end of the day on June 10th, 2022 to enter! 


Contest ends June 10th!
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