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We Like Shooting with Night Fision

We Like Shooting with Night Fision

Director of Marketing for Night Fision, Rachel Maloney joined the We Like Shooting Podcast for some good conversation and questionable topics.

“You can experiment with whatever you like,” Maloney says. That’s the beauty of Night Fision, being able to customize your sights for the most important person, you. “I have optics on all my guns, people ask me, “You work for a sight company and you’re shooting with optics… How does that work?” Maloney responds, “I pattern my guns and sights, and our Optics Ready Stealth blade heights can be customized essentially to the perfect co-witness. Mine are low and I can still see the round of the tritium, but I use them much more for an index point.”

Night Fision’s sights are not just for seeing in dark or low light situations, but also to provide an element of security within new locations. Your environment may change, but your firearm won’t. Maloney mentions Night Fision’s sister company, Glow Rhino, and how they are affecting the everyday carry world. Glow Rhino offers different products containing Swiss tritium, just like Night Fision’s sights. “Put this on your zipper for your medkit, put this on your zipper for your mag bag, and you’re not trying to spoil your night vision. These guys are super handy for that because you do not need a full flashlight to access what it is attached to.” 

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