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With the show being cancelled, we’ve got a free long weekend on our hands—which means more time on the range! Kick off the fall training season with this giveaway. Enter to win below and you’ll get the chance to take home the following package:

From Night Fision

From Killer Innovations

From C & G Holsters

From Buffalo Cartridge

This Giveaway closes on Sept. 6th.

Congratulations Billy from Michigan!


  1. All that gear would go very well with my current setup,

  2. William Pletcher

    I can not wat to see if your products feel and function as good as they appear.

  3. Jerry Wilke

    It’s difficult to win it you don’t do social media & I don’t do social media. I have a brain and don’t need some pin head telling me what to think

  4. You don’t need social media to win, just an email, so you’re good!

  5. I have installed NIGHTFISION Sights on two Glocks and have told numerous people how great your products are, including the Koozie. I would be Happy, Happy, Happy to WIN and Proud, Proud, Proud to show off your gear and swag.

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