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Up your Sight Knowledge Game

Up your Sight Knowledge Game

Paul Markel, of Student of the Gun, recently wrote an article give readers a window in to the past, and why sight manufacturers do the things we do here in the present (and maybe a bit about the future!)

“We have come a long way and most shooters now realize that finding/seeing the front sight is a good thing. Finding it fast is even better. How do our eyes find/locate the front sight rapidly? We make it stand out from the gun somehow. White, Safety Green, and bright orange are some of the preferred colors for front sights. Add the self-luminating green glow of tritium and you have a sight that shows up in all light conditions, not just sunny afternoons on the range.”

Want to know what manufacturers chose as their OEM sight style years ago?

Need some more information on the differences in rear sight channels?

ABOVE: A close up of the rear sight of the Accur8 sights on a CZ P-10c

Paul covers all of this and more in his article, including featuring our partner product the Accur8 sight line. Read the entire article here. 

If this article inspires you to pick up a pair of SOTG Accur8 sights for your gun, you can purchase them here.


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