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4 Open Carry Must Do’s

4 Open Carry Must Do’s

Carrying a weapon, concealed or open, means no matter what…you are bringing a gun to a fight. I see a lot of people in my area that open carry, and it’s more or less commonplace enough that we are lucky to have very little issues resulting in confrontation. A few people I encounter bring about cringe-worthy levels of anxiety about how they are carrying. I want a well-armed and educated population of gun owners out there carrying I see this as an opportunity to “train.” You need to be aware that you are armed, you need to know that no matter what you are bringing a gun to a fight, you need to be aware that not everyone is cool with you being armed, and you need to carry yourself as a professional. These are the four simple things people who carry weapons should consider.


  1. Be Aware You Are Armed
  2. You Are Bringing a Gun to Every Fight
  3. Not Everyone is Comfortable with Open Carry
  4. Be Professional


Be Aware You Are Armed

So often I see people carrying and they are blissfully unaware of their own weapon. They don’t take steps to protect their weapon. What I mean by protecting your weapon is that you need to consider the fact that someone might want to steal it and potentially use it on you. Simply keeping your arms down by your side protecting your weapon from sticky hands can prevent bad situations from happening. When criminals are looking to commit their nefarious acts and they see someone that appears to be alert, armed and vigilant, they are going to think twice. When you are open carrying you are already showing what we call a presentation of deadly force, you are letting others know that if need be, you have that potential. So have the respect of remembering what you have on your hip and take some steps to keep it covered.

You Bring a Gun to Every Fight When You Carry

You are bringing a gun to every fight if you are carrying. Most police officers that are shot are shot by their own weapons. So being aware you have a weapon is the first step in being aware that you can be your own worst enemy. Should you fail to cover and protect your weapon in a situation and you end up going fist-to-cuffs with someone, they can take your weapon and kill you and others. So beyond sending a message of vigilance, you are saving your own life following these thought processes.

Not Everyone is Cool with Your Civil Rights

Now not everyone is open minded about open carry. Another reason to keep your weapon protected is honestly to not draw attention to the fact you have a weapon. Some people who see an armed person not in a uniform get nervous. They get nervous because of their own notions and fears so there is nothing you can do about that at all. All you can do is be polite, be prepared, and do what you can to never draw attention to yourself or your weapon.

Be Professional

Above all, be professional. You are representing every gun owner in America when you open carry. You are sending a clear message with your possible intentions should things go south, but you need to not be looking for trouble. You also need to not LOOK like you are seeking trouble because more times than not, it finds you without your help. Be polite, kind, dress well, stay clean and groomed. This is more to just keep yourself from being harassed by the above mentioned person. They are not a fan of your right to defend yourself so shouldn’t give them extra reason to opine that you might be a threat.

It seems like common sense, but it’s not as common as you would think. As someone who open carries, you need to consider 4 things before you strap on iron and head out the door. You need to remember what is on your hip, that no matter what in every situation you are bringing a gun, you need to know not everyone is comfortable with that, which means you need to be professional.

-Prepared Laird


  1. Don’t use a flimsy, cheap holster. Use a locking holster. Something like a Safariland ALS holster

  2. Understand, you have just made yourself the first target.

  3. Like you said it’s common sense but I really appreciate the article. Even though most people know these points it’s still good to have a refresher course. Thanks

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