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All Night Fision Night Sights Now Feature Domed Lenses

All Night Fision Night Sights Now Feature Domed Lenses

Dearborn, Mich. (January 19, 2021) – Night Fision, a leader in advanced tritium insertion solutions, is pleased to announce that all Night Fision night sights now feature patented domed lenses.

Night Fision’s domed lenses are unlike anything currently available within the night sights market. These sights feature tritium vials with an optically engineered dome for superior visibility.

“A domed lens allows the tritium to appear brighter to the shooter, “said CJ Karchon, Vice President of Night Fision. “This is a competitive advantage that sets our sights apart from our competitors.”

All Night Fision sights feature a front ring made of ballistic polymer that is guaranteed to not chip, crack, fade or peel under even the most adverse conditions. Night Fision night sights are CNC machined out of high-quality steel and the lenses are constructed from the same materials used for bulletproof glass. Night Fision packs more tritium gas into every sight, ensuring their sights are the brightest available.

Night Fision night sights are available for certain Glock, CZ, Smith & Wesson, SIG Sauer, Walther, H&K, Springfield, Canik and Novak cut 1911 handgun models. Consumers can choose a yellow, orange, white, red or blue front ring color. Sights are available in standard, suppressor and optics ready heights.


About Night Fision


Based in Metro Detroit, Night Fision brings a rich background of automotive engineering, lean manufacturing and expertise in tritium illumination to the firearms industry. Its sister company, Cammenga, is the official manufacturer of the U.S. Army’s Tritium Lensatic Compass and provides them to national militaries around the world. As a result, Night Fision utilizes over 25 years of tritium insertion and military-grade manufacturing expertise to provide the brightest tritium night sights on the market today. The company’s proprietary Perfect Dot®, combined with CNC precision machined bodies and a higher concentration of tritium, allows for the creation of the highest quality pistol night sights with enhanced brightness, all Built in the USA with Swiss Tritium. For more information about Night Fision, please visit


  1. John Komorowski

    Dang it, and after I just bought a set for my Glock 34 G5 and had them installed. Maybe I’ll just buy a new front sight, as that is what I focus on.

  2. Stephen McCauley

    iWhy does the photograph of your new domed lens design sights show a front sight dot which appears dimmer than the two rear sight dots?

    Is this reality or a photographic optical delusion?

    Thank you.

  3. Hello! Thank you for your question! The rear sights are closer to the camera so they appear brighter and larger. As it turns out, it’s quite difficult to take low light photos of tritium.

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