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Optics Ready Stealth Series VS Suppressor Height Sights

Optics Ready Stealth Series VS Suppressor Height Sights

What’s the Difference between the new Optics Ready Stealth Series and Suppressor Height sights?

(Glock 17 MOS with Trijicon RMR)

Since Night Fision launched the Optics Ready Stealth Series, many customers have inquired about the difference between these and the original suppressor height sights. While both were designed to be taller than the OEM replacement height sights, they do still have their differences.

Allow us to explain…

Suppressor Height Sights

(Glock 17 MOS with Trijicon RMR)

Night Fision’s Suppressor Height sights are taller versions of the regular height, OEM replacement sights. Our suppressor heights come with our patented Perfect Dot ring around the tritium in the front sight.

These sights are tall enough to aid in shooting with a suppressor on your pistol. They were originally designed to be a lower 1/3 co-witness, although many red dot optics are evolving by shrinking in size. Consequently, with some of the slimmer optics models, these sights may provide some interference in the red dot window.

(Glock 17 MOS with Trijicon RMR)

The Stealth Series

(Glock 17 MOS with Trijicon RMR)

Night Fision’s Stealth Series was created to provide shooters using red dots with a non-distracting, lower 1/3 co-witness with most leading optics. The goal here is to simultaneously provide the shooter a top-notch tritium backup sight picture without interfering with the primary optic’s red dot reticle.

In order to achieve this, we established a number of key feature changes:

  • Domed Lenses – Night Fision’s new patented domed lenses are on the entire system to achieve a superior tritium appearance.


  • Shorter Height – Th overall heights just barely reach over the top of the red dot battery box and will not distract the shooter from the red dot window.


  • Machined Serrations – Serrations  on both the front and rear sights to reduce glare which is distracting when focusing on the target.


  • Wider Rear Notch – the wider notch in the rear sight allows more daylight around the front sight and ultimately, faster target acquisition.


  • Set Screw – The addition of a set screw improves the ease of self-installation.


(Glock 17 MOS with Trijicon RMR)


Sight configurations are a highly personal selection process. Night Fision’s goal is to provide enough options for its customers to successfully find what works best for their own eyes and shooting style.

(Glock Sights Order: OEM Height, Stealth Series, Suppressor Height)


  1. William Philbrick

    I have a few suppressor height sights including night fision. The night fision are by far the best. I wear your patch and recommend them to my firearms friends.

  2. Robert Price

    Hello I need to replace my rear sight on a cz p10f suppressor high sights is your optics ready night sights the same height as the OEM if you have a set please inform me from what I have learned your product is being talked about at my local gun store and very good reviews I want to try them out if they are as bright as told I have a cabinet full of toys I would like to switch out so waiting for response.thx

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